Founded in 2017, Litholekha is a specialised Lithography printmaking studio based at Vadodara. LITHOLEKHA -to write or create a picture on stone- follows an independent, experiment and research oriented philosophy. The studio is brainchild of Artist Subrat Kumar Behera, who has been practicing, experimenting and researching the medium of lithography since 2011.

The studio aims to develop a space of opportunity for artists wherein they have the freedom to work, explore and learn Lithography. Due to a lack of space for artists to continue working in this medium after academics, lithography is on a gradual collapse from contemporary art practices. We at Litholekha are committed to support and promote the medium as well facilitate technical assistance to the artists.

The broader vision of the studio is to expand lithography as medium, wherein artists can understand the possibilities of using printmaking as a part of their repertoire. This would be achieved via research, workshops, residencies and curatorial interventions; whereby one can look at the possibility of dissecting the ethos of the purpose of printmaking.

We look forward to engage visual practitioners, researchers, curators, conservators, etc who would be able to bring in interventions with their specific skill sets towards the studio’s programming vision. The studio is open to suggestions, ideas collaborations from all kind of art practitioners anticipating to investigate this medium.